Day: July 15, 2023

Dealing With ChecksDealing With Checks


When you get a return item checkback on your credit card statement, it’s likely that someone who gave you the check has disputed the transaction. The issue is that the bank that processed your payment didn’t believe that the person who wrote the check had sufficient funds in their account to cover the purchase. This can cost you money in fees and lost sales, but there’s a way to avoid it.

How important Checkback is to you will depend on your partnership’s style. If your partnership freely raises responder’s major suit with three-card support, a 1NT rebid shows at least game invitational values (or 4-5 in one of the majors). In that case, bidding Checkback Two Clubs will help you find 4-4 and 5-3 fits for your two major suits that would be difficult to locate without this information.

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You should also use Checkback if you are interested in a minor-suit slam. In this case, a bid of 2NT after your partner’s response to Checkback should investigate the fit and allow you to play in 3NT if the contract is not reached at the two-level.

When you’re dealing with checks, it’s important to close the loop and repeat back what you’ve heard from a patient or family member. Not doing this can lead to errors in communication and even misdiagnosis or improper administration of medication, which could have serious consequences for the patient’s health. This is known as closed-loop communication and is essential to safe patient care.