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How to Attach a Lunge Line to a Halter

How to Attach a Lunge Line to a Halter



















One of the most basic lessons you can learn on riding horses is how to attach a lunge line to a halter. This line helps you to control your horse’s movements and gives you extra rein when you’re lunging. When attaching a lunge line to a halter, you must hold it up with a whip, so your horse can’t pull back. You can also use a whip to reinforce the voice aids or pop the lash. Practice whipping your horse to make sure the line is attached correctly.

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Lunge lines come in different types. Find one with a swivel clip to prevent the line from twisting. Lunge lines come with different lengths, so find one that fits your horse’s neck size. When you purchase a lunge line, choose one with a strong, durable material. You can also use a lunge line with a loop to prevent the line from binding.

To attach a lunge line to a halter, first get a snaffle bit for your horse. This bit is a great option because it won’t scratch your horse’s nose. Attach the other end of the lunge line to the other bit ring. Make sure the bit ring faces outward to prevent the line from rubbing the horse’s cheek.

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