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Medical Professional and Sportswear Enjoy Similar Outfits

The average high school or college student isn’t to the rich colorful selection of scrub uniforms that are available for a number of sports including football, basketball and baseball. But when a high school or college student takes an interest in sports uniforms, it is only appropriate for them to be well versed with the wide variety of sportswear including scrub uniforms. In fact, most of them would prefer wearing scrub uniforms during their athletic events as it is much easier and comfortable than sporting team gear such as jerseys. In addition, scrub uniforms are also ideal for casual wear, work wear or any occasion where comfort is not a factor. Some common examples of this type of clothing include tracksuits, speedos, and workout wear.

Different type of clothing

The basic differences between scrub uniforms and regular sports apparel are its color and design. It has less color than other types of sports uniforms and has large pocket with elasticized side panels. Most scrubs have two pockets and both sides of the uniform usually have Velcro side closures. Common designs for scrub uniforms include stripes, polka dots, solid colors, logos, cartoon characters, etc. Some popular styles include V-neck, crew neck, plaid, short sleeve, cap sleeve and sports jersey style.

Medical professionals also prefer wearing scrub uniforms, mostly because scrubs offer better air circulation to the medical professional. These uniforms feature elasticized cuffs with Velcro fastenings in the front, shoulder and leg areas of the uniform. Common medical professional scrub uniforms include white, scrub with elasticized side panels, pink, green, blue, red, yellow and gray scrubs. Aside from these popular styles, medical professionals can also choose from knee-high leg wear, scrub with short sleeves and scrub uniforms with no collar.

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