Short End Magazine Blog Oregon’s First Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Oregon’s First Magic Mushroom Dispensary

magic mushroom dispensary

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Psilocybin tea, wind chimes and a tie-dye mattress await those who come to an office suite in Eugene to trip on magic mushrooms. For roughly six hours, adults over 21 can experience what many users describe as vivid geometric shapes and a loss of identity. Epic Healing Eugene, America’s first licensed psilocybin service center, opened in June to give people with depression, PTSD or end-of-life dread a mind-bending drug that is legal in Oregon.This link:visit

While Health Canada says the mushroom is “not intended for medicinal purposes,” the Canadian government hasn’t prevented stores like Vancouver’s Mushroom Haus from selling them, operating in a gray area that skirts legal limits. Other psychedelic drug dispensaries are opening in cities across Canada, including two that were raided by police on Tuesday.

Cultivating Consciousness: The Philosophy of Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

At Chillum, owner Carlos Hermida sells the fungus in capsules, gummies and powders. He cooks and treats the mushrooms he imports from Lithuania, which reduces their toxicity. He also sells mycology growth kits to allow customers to grow their own psilocybin. Hermida says he hasn’t seen much traffic since he added the mushroom to his store.

A customer named Francis says he microdoses the shrooms to manage symptoms of a head injury suffered in a woodworking accident five years ago. He said the psychedelics helped him overcome depression and anxiety and gave him an improved quality of life. He bought three bags and a few other items and paid about $150.

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