Short End Magazine Blog Pool Inspection – Register Your Pool and Get a Certificate of Barrier Compliance

Pool Inspection – Register Your Pool and Get a Certificate of Barrier Compliance

If you’re thinking of purchasing a property that has a pool, it is a good idea to ensure the pool is compliant with safety standards.

What are the Australian safety standards for pools?

On average four young children die in home pools or spas each year in Victoria, and many more are taken to hospital for near-drowning incidents. This is why new laws were introduced to improve pool and spa safety. Link :

Registration and Barrier Inspections

If you own a house with a swimming pool or spa, you need to register the pool with your local council. You will also need to have your pool barrier inspected and lodge a certificate of barrier compliance with your council.

Our qualified inspectors will inspect your pool fence or barrier at a convenient time and date for you. If your pool fence is deemed not to meet the relevant Australian Standards, our inspector will advise you on how to bring your barrier up to safety standards.

When we’re finished, we’ll also provide you with a detailed report that will outline any outstanding or non-compliant issues with your barrier. We will then offer you a list of works that will bring your pool fence or barrier to safety standards and, upon completion, we’ll issue you with a Form 23 Compliance Certificate.

If you’re building a new pool, our inspectors can provide you with a pre-inspection which will include an inspection of your pool safety barrier against the relevant Australian Standard. Once your pool barrier is complete, we can then inspect it against the standard and, once it meets all requirements, we can then issue you with a Form 23 Compliance Certificate.

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Resurfacing can also include a fresh coating of nonslip paint to improve safety. These colored anti-slip paints are available in a variety of colors to suit your sports facility and can be applied to any hard surface. Many of the surfacing and paints that we use are porous, which means they comply with Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) regulations. This helps to prevent flooding and puddles in wet weather, which can create a dangerous playing environment.

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