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The Benefits of Using a Dermaroller

There are several benefits to using a dermaroller, and these benefits are not limited to thinning edges. Before beginning any dermarolling treatment, make sure that you have clean, damp skin. After cleansing your face, apply facial serum. The roller will allow the serum to penetrate your skin without causing any irritation. The process is quick and effective, but you must follow instructions closely to prevent the risk of skin damage.

It’s Important To Wash Your Face

After using the derma roller, apply a nourishing serum and moisturizer. Make sure to wear sunscreen if you plan to be outside for a while afterward. Never use the derma roller near your eyes, or on open wounds or infected acne. Also, don’t share it with others. Dermarollers are great for skin resurfacing, but you should never share your roller with anyone else. Remember to be patient and consistent with use for maximum results.

The dermaroller’s needles are very fine, and create tiny holes in the skin. These holes, categorized as superficial, can be filled with small amounts of blood. The body’s natural healing system will start to produce collagen and elastin to repair the wound, and make the skin tighter. Unlike laser treatments, dermarolling can be used on both sensitive skin. As long as the area is not too big, the process is safe and pain-free.

Before you use the dermaroller, it’s important to wash your face. Make sure to dry your face with a soft towel, but don’t rub! Apply a facial serum afterward, and make sure to follow it with a moisturizer and sunscreen. The best serums are vitamin C and E-based, and should be paired with a moisturizer. If you’re planning to use dermarolling for a cosmetic procedure, consult with a dermatologist first.

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